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Antenna Replacement and Repair

The majority of new phone models don’t have a visible antenna but this hidden technology is the key to a strong signal. Lower signal strength or an increase in dropped calls could be an indication a problem. Drop by CPM for a quick repair or a new antenna.

Battery Replacement and Repair

Battery life can be a real drain, especially when running multiple apps and other programs. A new battery is often the solution, especially for phones with inaccessible batteries.

Camera Replacement and Repair

Make sure your pictures look great every time. Whether it’s a cracked lens, a faulty flash or other malfunctions, we know it can be frustrating. Bring your phone into CPM to ensure you never miss a moment.

Charge Port Replacement and Repair

A broken charge port can keep the battery in your cell phone from properly charging and cut down on battery life. CPM can determine if your battery is the culprit and can replace or repair your phone’s port. Either way, you’ll leave our shop knowing you can successfully charge your phone.

Cracked Glass Replacement and Repair

A broken screen can happen in seconds and wreak havoc on your personal and professional mobile activities. Don’t worry though, a cracked screen can be easily repaired here at CPM, so be sure to stop in.

Data Recovery

Phone broken? We love a challenge! CPM can typically locate and salvage your photos, contacts and other information from a seemingly dead cell phone.

Data Transfer

Need to transfer information from an old phone? From contacts to photos and other data, let us help ensure you don’t lose any of your personal information.

Frame / Bezel Replacement and Repair

Tired of that boring black phone frame? Bring your device in to CPM and pick out some shiny new housing. Orange… blue… maybe even hot pink!

Headphone Jack Replacement and Repair

Whether you use your phone to rock out to your favourite music or are busy with multiple conference calls, make sure your headphone jack is in working order. Does your music cut out or is completely missing? Let CPM help!

Home Button Replacement and Repair

Unable to return to the home screen? Your home button may be the culprit! We can help!

Memory Card Reader Replacement and Repair

An old or broken memory card can keep your information, apps and contact locked in an unusable phone and even cut off wireless service. CPM can repair or replace and possibly salvage your information to get your phone back in working order.

Power Button Replacement and Repair

Phone not turning on? It could be the battery but it also could be the power button. Your phone’s internal workings could be off, keeping your power button from connecting completely and turning on your phone. Drop in to CPM and we’ll investigate the root problem and get your device back in working order.

Screen Replacement and Repair

Is your touchscreen not responding like it usually does? Do you have permanent spots on your phone’s screen? We can help! CPM has the technology to repair your screen and digitizer.

Speaker Replacement and Repair

A broken speaker can mean one way conversations and aggravation. If your phone’s microphone is broken, CPM can determine the cause and provide a solution!

Water Damaged Phone Repair

Water and other liquids can damage the internal workings of your phone. If your phone comes in contact with any liquid, shut it down and remove the battery immediately then, bring it into CPM as soon as possible.

We've Got You Covered


Depending on the issue, you may be covered under our 30-day customer satisfaction warranty.

This warranty covers replacement parts for up to 30 days. If you break the device again or there is visible wear and tear to either the device or the part we replaced, it will NOT be covered.

If you change a part with us and are not completely satisfied with it, let us know; we\'ll take care of you!

No One Does It Like Us

Why Choose CPM?

Cell Phone Medics focuses on repairing broken cell phones. Our knowledge and skill in fixing a variety of problems as well as our dedication to first class service make us the most trusted repair center for your mobile devices.

CPM stocks hundreds of repair parts and can repair your smart phone, tabled or mobile device regardless of where you bought it.

* If you bring in your device for service repairs, we are not responsible for any data loss incurred attempting to recover the device. We highly recommend, if possible, backing up the device prior to coming in.

** Liquid damage repairs are NOT covered under warranty. After the device leaves our facility, unforeseen damage may still occur as a result of corrosion. If we successfully repair your phone or other device after water damage, we highly recommend you backup your phone immediately in the event corrosion renders your device permanently inoperable.

*** We will gladly service devices that have been repaired at competitor locations, however, we are unable to honor warranty on work that was not completed by CPM.

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